Welcome To Shwe Padauk Hospital

Shwe PadaukWellness and Recovery Centerwas founded in 2016 out of a need for specialized extended care services for clients in need of long term, private, high quality and affordable mental health and addiction services. Shwe Padauk is made up of a team of a experienced, multi-disciplinary team. The foundation upon which the program has been structured is a combination of twelve-step model integrated with a variety of innovative mind/body treatment strategies meeting the varied needs of individuals in recovery. Our belief is that in the right conditions, for the right reasons, clients can overcome their painful life obstacles.

Treatment Programs

Shwe Padauk offers a continuum of care that offers both traditional and alternative treatment modalities and programs incorporating the science of psychiatry, neurobiology, counseling, and spirituality. The goal is to assist each individual in reaching their maximum potential as it relates to self, family, career, and recovery. Treatment services and programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each person.


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